A new concept of the work space
Contract & Design
BASE completes its offer portfolio by introducing design services, project management space planning and interior design.
The new multidisciplinary organisation offers a TEAM of professionals that undertake the project 360°, from the initial CONCEPT to FITTING OUT of the spaces.
Experience and expert skills contribute to studying of the most appropriate solutions for our customers.
The Design TEAM has conceived and built over 1,500,000 square meters of office space in over 25 EMEA countries.
Our attention to the market, the study of modern organisational models, the research into the most appropriate and innovative products, sustainability and respect for the environment, contribute to us developing design solutions and modern installations in line with the needs of the customer.
The Group positions itself on the market as a Design Partner for Customers, with the aim of supporting the Customer through design and furnishing solutions.
BASE represents a modern approach of collaboration that allows us to offer a more advanced and complete service - with clear savings in terms of time and costs for the Customer - and to maintain the different strategies of development of the companies - commercial and design - that have resulted in us becoming Leaders in the respective sectors.